The version 1.4.2 is available

This version introduces a new feature to create a brush from any part of a drawing. The drawing is used as the brush texture. This version also improve drasticly the performance of the undo/redo function.

New features:

  • New: Transform the selection into a brush with a texture. Any part of the drawing can be used to create or update a brush
  • New: drastic improvement of the performance of the undo. New setting to allocate the memory size of the undo
  • New: Taking into account the function keys in the gradient panel for select the color of the brush border
  • New: Move the displacement tool first in the toolbar
  • New: Add a shortcut to switch the auto-extension feature
  • New: New settings for the brush texture color : original texture color, color of the brush or a mix
  • Improved: better color buttons in the settings dialog
  • Improved: the use of the hue parameter to slightly vary the color over the distance


  • Various bugs in the undo features for large brush radius